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Introduction of an upgrade test scheme for domain controllers

The traditional auto ECU realizes software update by diagnostic brushing, and the data amount is small, generally in tens of KB to tens of MB; With the continuous advancement of the new four modernizations of automobiles, the architecture of domain contro

Tesla's zone controller in Model 3 to Model Y

Let's take a hard look at Tesla's zone controllers from Model 3 to Model Y -- it's been iterated from generation 1 to Generation 3.

Five domain controllers for Automotive E/E architecture

Industry today, according to the international mainstream supplier of summing up experience in automotive E/E architecture according to the functional division of power (safety), chassis domains (movement), cockpit domain (information entertainment), auto

Chassis domain controller

Domain controller is the developing direction of automotive electronics and appliances, which has been widely agreed by the industry. Compared with the mature solutions in the body domain, automatic driving domain and intelligent cabin domain, the chassis

Central body control module BCM scheme of MCU

The central body control module (BCM) is the central system for body functions.

Automotive Electronics
TPS61045DRBR Power Management Chip 28 V Eff Boost Converter

This allows a controlled power up and power-down sequencing of the display.

Automobile emergency start power supply air pump solution

The car starting power supply can assist the battery to start the vehicle.