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USB network printing service sharer

Wifi print server is also called network print server.

Consumer Electronics
Provide USB to peripheral hardware interface expansion scheme for super terminal software

Due to the low price and popularity of Android phones and tablets, there are many kinds of applications.

Intelligent wear
RK3568 multimedia intelligent equipment development board 10.1 inch screen

RK3568 series development board motherboard (core board + bottom board) is a quad-core processor based on RK3568 (2GHz clock).

Industrial electronics
Bluetooth temperature control valve intelligent solution

Function adaptation: automatic adaptation of standard functions

Device Linkage
WiFi Bluetooth LE Lighting Driver Intelligent Solution

This solution is suitable for the transformation of non-intelligent drive power products.

Smart display motherboard that supports a variety of mainstream touch screens

Cost effective display motherboard supports a variety of peripheral expansion.

Industrial electronics
8 inch Electronic Sentry Health Code Verification Terminal

FC08D2 JKM face recognition body temperature screening health code verification terminal, realizes three in one inspection.