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Bluetooth mesh network architecture for smart home solutions

Mesh networks are a key requirement of low power wireless technologies for smart home and industrial applications.

Application of Industrial Internet of Things PLC solution

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications promise to improve the efficiency of complex industrial systems.

High performance power line communication transceiver PLBus512 power line transmission light control decoding board module

PLBus512 is a set of light control technology and complete scheme based on light power line for control signal transmission.

Battery power
Application of Optical Touch in Intercom of Intelligent Building

Touch recognition is completed with the help of reflection of light through the light hole.

Smart home
X2000 Intelligent Cat Eye Access Control Module

X2000 smart peephole access control module is an integrated module with electronic peephole function and hardware.

Smart home
1080P low power consumption camera light intelligent solution

Smart low-power camera light, you can install it anywhere covered by the network.

Low power consumption
Top 10 Industrial Robot Sensors for Enhanced Automation

In industry and automation, robots use sensors to create images of their surroundings. Industrial robots use multiple sensors to achieve reasonable control and operation in the industrial automation production process.

Industrial Robot Sensors