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Design of infrared burglar alarm based on NV040B-SOP8 voice chip

Infrared anti-theft alarm is a kind of alarm device using infrared ray, composed of wireless monitoring area, has a strong confidentiality and reliability.

Construct an OpenCV crowd counting device using Raspberry Pi

In today's world of cutting-edge technology, digital image processing develops very rapidly and becomes an important part of many digital devices, such as mobile phones, security cameras, laptops, etc.

Kneron's 3D AI solutions meet security and modern management needs

3D face recognition and silicon-to-system technology

Construct female safety bracelet based on Arduino and GPS module

With all the technology available to us these days, it's not hard to build a safety device for women that will not only sound an emergency alert, but will also send a message to your friends, family or relevant people.

Construct a dedicated power path controller system

In many cases, our circuits are designed to have two power sources, such as an adapter and a battery, or even two other power sources from two different outlets.

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PCIE high speed weak signal data acquisition card

PCIE high-speed acquisition card is a high-speed weak signal data acquisition card.

Consumer Electronics
Machine vision solutions

High resolution digital cameras are becoming more and more popular in many modern industrial and commercial fields.

Industrial Electronics