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The launch of leading AMOLED IDC products to meet the diverse and multi-level needs of customers

Compared with the large-screen driver chip, smart wearable devices such as smartwatches or bracelets pay more attention to the number, volume and power consumption of peripheral components of the display driver chip.

New liquid metal sensors facilitate the development of a new generation of energy-efficient wearable devices

Stretchable electronics have the fundamental advantage of matching the complex geometry of the human body, which provides an opportunity for real-time biomechanical sensing.

Delay IC timing chip, timer IC chip solution, 15-minute delay switch chip

Power supply mode: DC4.5V button battery. One-way tact switch input control, three-way level signal synchronous output.

Delay IC timing chip
BLE low-power Bluetooth RF module 404b4 solution developed by CC2640R2F chip

RF-BM-4044B4 is a low-power Bluetooth (BLE) RF module developed by CC2640R2F chip, which can be widely used in the field of short distance wireless communication.

Smart home
Based on NFC location tracking, train model

Positioning based on ultra-small NFC technology.

Game toys
Stamp hole full interface core board developed based on RV1109 AI media processing chip

GT-R3848 AI artificial intelligence module is a semiconductor-based RV1109/RV1126 AI media processing chip.

USB interface
Intelligent meal vending machine solution

Create a full ecological platform for AIoT solutions.

Smart outdoor power supply

The intelligent solution for outdoor power supply makes the function of the product more practical and more interesting to use.

Smart home
MDC 10817 new retail display main control board

MDC 10817 industrial control all in one machine is used for self-service express cabinets and other equipment.

Industrial control all-in-one machine