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Morea 5 2024-05-24
Good service.
Bob Wynne 5 2024-05-24
In the circuit experiments, the operation was installed wrong, and finally succeeded.
Dane 4 2024-05-23
good price
Francois 5 2024-05-22
It's the original.
Jennifer 5 2024-05-22
Have bought several times and when needed just inquire. BTW, suuuuper nice service!
Allen Ho. 5 2024-05-21
Used in a home built power supply, they works right to specs.
Lee 5 2024-05-20
There were no issues with the parts selected.
Alvin 5 2024-05-20
The price was awesome and worked just like you would expect.
Brett 5 2024-05-17
Bought a few, all worked fine.
Leo Caspar 5 2024-05-17
wonderful staff to communicate with
Bryan M. 5 2024-05-16
All the different types of transistors were sampled with a transistor tester and they all complied with the specifications.
Stoyan Plazkov 5 2024-05-15
Great replacement for this project what I needed plus more.
Paben 5 2024-05-15
So far so good
Kaiser 5 2024-05-14
The MOC3043M is working great on my current projects.
Derek Rosen 5 2024-05-13
This seller was very nice and the communication between us was extremely pleasant.
Vango 5 2024-05-13
Product as described. Very good quality. Fast shipping.
Bob Winegar 5 2024-05-11
After it didn't work properly, I checked a few times and finally found out that I was doing it incorrectly and it finally worked.LOL
Keal 4 2024-05-10
fast delivery
Emily 5 2024-05-09
Recommend. I've ordered several times and it's been great!
Melissa Z. 5 2024-05-09
Purchased at this store, price would be lower compared to other stores, received with no problems.
Wesley 5 2024-05-08
This product came in quick and works flawlessly!!
Ericaliga 5 2024-05-07
It's the part I'm looking for.
Cyril H. 5 2024-05-07
These are great and super easy to work with.
Daniel 5 2024-05-06
very good price
Jenny 5 2024-05-06
great for driving mosfets
Stoyan Plachkov 5 2024-04-30
simple and easy to operate
Jerry 5 2024-04-29
These are real onsemi products, and they work in my application.
Jackal 5 2024-04-28
Exactly what I needed, nice service!
Bobby 4 2024-04-28
great gate drivers
Roman Krupitsky 5 2024-04-26
Connected to my device and it works great!