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The difference between M2M networks and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity

At the heart of machine-to-machine (M2M) networks is the industrial telematics portfolio -- a combination of telecommunications and information technologies that use data to automate operations.

RK3288 motherboard of intelligent facility advertising all in one machine

Intelligent device motherboard YNH-930 is a business display motherboard.

Industrial Electronics
Combined authentication system for cash dispensing room

As the key monitoring scene of the bank, the cash adding room has strict requirements and management on the entry and exit of personnel.

Security monitoring
Live On Line Monitoring and Early Warning of Insulator Dielectric Strength in UHV Grid

The intelligent insulator detection robot and its detection method are independently developed after many years of research and development.

Test Equipment
The Solution of Injection Molding Machine Data Acquisition Gateway

Plug and play without authorization agreement, compatible with 100% old injection molding machines and peripheral equipment.

Machine software
Fog cannon electrical control module

This module is used in urban sanitation vehicles.

Electronic control module
ISG 503 Edge Computing Intelligent Gateway

ISG-503 is an intelligent gateway for telecommunications, industrial equipment link.

Telecom industrial
High performance and low power consumption stamp hole industrial evaluation board TL335x EVM S

TL335x-EVM-S is an evaluation board consisting of a core board and an evaluation base board.

Low power consumption