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Analysis of LoRaWAN's advantages in old buildings and traditional environments

As the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) continues to expand, so do the types of networking technologies used to connect different systems.

V853 chip-smart AI chip-5M high-end intelligent vision AI solution

Application scenarios: AIoT terminal equipment, multi-eye camera, AI camera, time attendance machine, intelligent rearview mirror, scanning translation pen, action camera, visitor machine, driving recorder, building access control

Intelligent vision AI solutions
5-inch industrial serial screen TFT resistance screen LCD display and control module

Various scenes requiring serial port screens, such as medical equipment, fire fighting equipment, industrial control equipment, instruments and meters, forklifts, environmental vehicles, white appliances, consumer electronics, etc...

Industrial Electronics
PLM4010-B011-HC1S high-speed power line communication (slave) module - high-speed power line communication line driver chip

PLM4010-B011-HC1S PLBUS high-speed power line communication module can provide power line based data transmission and reception for intelligent hardware.

Communication broadcasting and television
Household Medical Nebulizer PCBA Solution

The oscillating signal based on the circuit board is energy amplified by a high-power triode.

Medical nebulizer
Electric Fireplace Control Module

According to the user's requirements, the heating and flame color are automatically controlled.

Electric fireplace
Air Conditioning Companion Intelligent Solution

Air Conditioning Companion is a composite product.

Remote switch