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Why use SBC for Iiot

Cloud-based data centers are an important resource for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), providing scalable mass storage, processing, analysis, periodic fixes for security issues, and continuous functional updates.

Industrial SOC chip design_ Medical forehead temperature gun -- PCBA and nesting

A full set of independent R&D and production, using industrial SOC chip design, and producing finished products in large quantities every day.

Medical Electronics
MT8765 chip is adopted, and four core high-performance self-service lottery machine electronic scheme is adopted

The MTK8765 all-in-one board adopts the MT8765/MT6739 quad core 1.5G main frequency chip scheme, and the domestic 4G all network communication.

Industrial Electronics
eU SYSTEM ™ LED drive power

This product is based on eU SYSTEM ™ Constant voltage output power supply of technology, DMX512 signal can only be obtained through 220V power input line.

Lighting display
SVGA0510SG load point DC DC converter

This is the world's first RAD HARD load point converter.

Communication IC
NFC iso15693 modbus card reader module

Features: Compatible with MHI series card readers

RK3568 display central control touch all in one machine

Successfully applied to electronic machinery production equipment.

Complete machine delivery
RK3288 Long distance intelligent multi modal recognition instrument

RK3288 long-distance intelligent multi-modal recognition instrument is a plug-and-play identification device.

Touch screen