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The launch of leading AMOLED IDC products to meet the diverse and multi-level needs of customers

Published Time: 2022-08-20 15:52:44
Compared with the large-screen driver chip, smart wearable devices such as smartwatches or bracelets pay more attention to the number, volume and power consumption of peripheral components of the display driver chip.

Reducing the number and volume of peripheral components of display driver chip and reducing screen power consumption has become a new market demand. This demand promotes IDC (TDDI) +AMOLED technology to become one of the mainstream development trends of smart wearable device screens.

In response to this development trend, with the leading advantage in IDC (TDDI) field, Duntai continues to develop AMOLED IDC products that can integrate the display drive and touch function of AMOLED panel, and has successfully launched multiple single chip solutions such as FT2388 and FT2389.

Compared with the two-chip solution of touch chip + display driver chip, Duntai AMOLED IDC single-chip solution integrates the screen drive and touch function, which can save three, reduce two, and improve one.

Three savings include:

1, can save a piece of FPC, FPC Layout area greatly reduced.

2, can save the number of FPC layer, the use of double-layer version instead of the traditional three-layer version or four-layer version.

3, reduce the number of peripheral components, simplify the structure of the display module, save the module composition.

Two reductions include:

1. The screen power consumption is reduced, which is more in line with the ultra-low power consumption demand of smart wearable.

2. It reduces the thickness of the screen, provides space for reducing the thickness of the whole machine, and is more in line with the demand for thinness of smart wear.

A raise:

The advantages of high integration of AMOLED IDC are conducive to improving the waterproof performance of intelligent devices carrying it.

Duntai has a complete product line and extensive production experience in the field of AMOLED driver chips, providing customers with complete solutions from mainstream specifications to advanced applications, including:

1. Supports Display Driver IC (DDIC) and Integrated Driver Controller (IDC).

2, support hard screen, flexible screen applications

3, support different panel shapes (round, square...)

4, support a variety of resolutions (up to 480*600)

5, support MCU/SPI/MIPI interface

6. Support various packaging technologies (COG/COF/COP)