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Shared UAV system software and hardware solutions

Nearly one hundred kinds of application design schemes for hardware and software products of the Internet of Things have been developed.

Internet of Things Solution for Aviation Refueling System

Internet of Things Solution for Aviation Refueling System.

Industrial Electronics
UAV wifi camera module remote image transmission

This module is a high-end UHD and 4K camera module.

Urban Manga Step Chassis Solutions

Vision navigation centimeter-level precise positioning chassis solution.

Advertising machine touch integrated RK3566 motherboard

Industrial security equipment advertising machine touch integrated motherboard adopts RK3566 chip kit.

Touch all in one
V853 development board intelligent AI chip 5M high end intelligent vision AI solution

The V853 chip is a newly launched AIoT chip for edge AI vision processing.

Development board
WY820 3D Stereo Binocular Smart Camera Module

WY820 3D stereoscopic binocular smart camera module controlled and host computer.

Mold design