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Single chip control mobile phone chip grinding machine

A single-chip microcomputer is a microcomputer that works by programs and can be modified. Integrated machine control, convenient touch operating system, and more professional automation equipment.

Chip Grinder
Equipment automation test scheme

Test hardware platform can be built based on NI PXI board and chassis.

Test equipment
Plant environmental parameter monitoring system

This system introduces the most economical factory environmental parameter monitoring system for enterprise managers.

Factory automation
Live On Line Monitoring and Early Warning of Insulator Dielectric Strength in UHV Grid

This system solution integrates BLE and LoRa spread spectrum communication technology.

Industrial Electronics
TPS71733DSET Other Linear Regulator Controller WSON6 Lot No 21

The TPS717 family of low-dropout, low-power linear regulators offers very high power-supply rejection.

Low Dropout Regulator
Robot sole intelligent glue spraying system based on vision detection

This product is aimed at the shoe industry to develop a robot shoe sole intelligent glue spray guidance system based on vision detection.

Industrial electronics
RK3568 15 inch industrial touch all in one computer

RK3568 15 inch industrial touch all-in-one machine is a high-performance touch display and control all-in-one machine.

Industrial scene
RV1109 Linux intelligent vision core board

The stamp hole core board is designed for terminal equipment manufacturers to quickly import AI computing power and visual processing.

Intelligent vision