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Low cost Bluetooth chip, low cost Bluetooth module, pseudo Bluetooth, pseudo Bluetooth chip, pseudo Bluetooth module

Based on Bluetooth technology, the Bluetooth function is realized through software algorithm, allowing the mobile phone to directly control the 2.4G chip, so as to achieve the goal of long distance and low cost.

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Portable power quality analyzer

This device can support four 100~1000V voltage inputs and four 1~3000A current inputs (input after current clamp transformation ratio).

Test equipment
Portable ECG monitoring circuit board

The design scheme of ECG module is sold here.

Intelligent wear
AGH8100 portable combustible gas detector

The Model AGH8100 Gas Detector is designed to detect gas leaks.

Combustible gas detector
E104 BT54S BLUENRG355MC Bluetooth 5.1 SOC module

The E104 BT54S module is a wireless SOC module designed based on the BLUENRG355MC chip solution.

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Shared charging treasure solution

The shared power bank mainly provides users with the function of charging mobile devices.

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