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HDMI transceiver home theater solution

This HDMI transceiver integrates a 4:1 HDMI input multiplexer (mux), an HDMI receiver, an on-screen display (OSD) engine, and an HDMI transmitter.

Online speech recognition entertainment products

Specific and simple offline speech recognition function, about 20 tones of instructions.

Smart home
Detailed scheme of household energy storage

Industrial environment: - 30~120 Current: 10ma

Power battery
In vehicle rear seat entertainment computer

Multimedia audio and video decoding and playback, support 1080P video decoding.

Vehicle electronics
The smart central control tablet solution that supports ID login and voice broadcast is ready for sale in stock

The intelligent central control panel adopts the X2000E chip and adopts a three-core structure.

Smart home
Smart Water Meter Solution

Help our water meter factory quickly realize intelligent upgrade.

Consumer Electronics
RGB fill light solution

In this RGB multi-color fill light project, low-power LEDs are used, without flicker and glare.

Software development
Air conditioner energy saving remote controller

The air conditioner controller AIRSOCKET is independently developed by us.