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Design of infrared burglar alarm based on NV040B-SOP8 voice chip

Published Time: 2022-08-20 16:29:44
Infrared anti-theft alarm is a kind of alarm device using infrared ray, composed of wireless monitoring area, has a strong confidentiality and reliability.

Nv040b-sop8 chip alarm voice scheme:

NV040B is an industrial-grade OTP voice chip, without any peripheral circuit, in the extremely harsh noise environment can work normally, it has a wide range of temperature and voltage, normal working range of 1.6V~4.5V, a group of PWM outlet, can directly push 0.5W horn, sound quality is clear.

Built-in LVR reset, without additional reset circuit, with a variety of key trigger mode, and can output various forms of level signals, can be set according to the voice fluctuation rhythm change, easy to use, stable and reliable is the biggest feature of this product.

Nv040b-sop8 Burglar alarm voice content (entry content can be customized) :

1. Alarm sound;

2. You have illegally entered the monitoring area. Please leave immediately.

3, du, insufficient power, please charge in time;

4. Strengthen the alarm sound.

Features of NV040B-SOP8 voice chip:

OTP storage format, fast production cycle, the fastest only one day, order without the minimum quantity limit;

Flexible multiple key operation mode and level output mode for choice (edge key trigger, level trigger, random key play, sequential key play);

Simple and convenient two-line MCU serial port control mode, the user master MCU can control any segment of voice trigger play and stop;

Support 4 button trigger;

Built-in a group of PWM output can directly push 0.5W horn;

Flexible playback operation, through the combination can save voice space, a single data port can play up to 128 voice combinations;

Beautiful sound quality, stable performance, inexpensive;

Built-in LVR self-reset circuit to ensure the normal operation of the chip;

DIP8, SOP8 and COB packages are available for easy use and flexible application.

The peripheral circuit is simple and only needs a coupling capacitor;

Working voltage range: 1.6V ~ 4.5V (5V power supply VDD needs to be connected to diode 4148 step-down);

Static current: 2uA.