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Kneron's 3D AI solutions meet security and modern management needs

Published Time: 2022-08-20 16:34:54
3D face recognition and silicon-to-system technology

"Kneron is committed to developing the application of artificial intelligence in terminal devices. 3D AI solutions combine 3D sensing technology with terminal artificial intelligence to greatly improve the accuracy of image recognition and security. We expect it will bring more new applications to the market," said Liu Jun Cheng, founder and CEO of Kneron. We are also pleased to announce the addition of a new AI SoC product line designed for smart home applications. This product is the embodiment of Kneron's product development strategy TIny AI, providing a lightweight terminal AI solution with small size and low power consumption."

With dual ARM Cortex M4 cpus, the KL520 can operate as a host or AI coprocessor, enabling edge AI on devices such as smart locks, cameras, drones, smart appliances and robots.

Self-developed algorithms for endurance

Support for multiple optical modules

The characteristics of

High definition mask discrimination

Identification of twins

Hd Photo detection


Face mask recognition

The following

Apply to

The entrance guard management

Visitor management

Smart door lock

Conference room management

Kneron's 3D AI solution supports Structured Light, Stereo Vision, and TIme of Flight (ToF) 3D sensing technologies for face and body object recognition. It can be used in security monitoring, smart home, smart phones, various iot devices, etc.

The combination of 2D image analysis and recognition and deep information analysis can not only improve the recognition accuracy, eliminate the risk of unlocking with photos and movies, but also more accurately identify objects and behaviors, and provide other 3D image capture applications. It can provide accurate 3D face recognition unlocking, 3D modeling and other applications, and is suitable for various terminal devices. In the face of increasingly stringent security standards for facial recognition systems, this facial recognition algorithm not only ranks top among NIST participants, but also passes the 3D mask test and the BCTC payment level security certification, which can effectively prevent fraud and identity theft caused by system security vulnerabilities.

Naeng intelligent access control

According to the security and modern management needs of residential, office and smart community, 3D face + fingerprint + password + remote capture photo lock can be introduced by using the above module. Advanced contactless 3D face recognition is used as the key to open the door, and has a variety of open the door mode to choose from, more flexible, more convenient, more secure!

Steps to use the program:

Enrollment Stage: Multi-pose face collection is required for the registration of family members, instead of photo registration like access control. The so-called multi-pose means that in the registration process, it is necessary to design a guide process, so that the face follows the swing and has an obvious label to explain the success of collection.

RecogniTIon Stage: Use or newly configured image equipment as image capturing equipment, and compare with the database after RecogniTIon.

The result is presented and the related information is bound to output: the comparison result needs to bring out a code name and time, the database corresponding to the entrance and exit is allowed to enter and exit the personnel, whether the personnel is blacklisted and belongs to the control personnel.

Core technology Advantages

KL520 product features and technical advantages:

1. Low power consumption, supporting battery devices.

2. Support CNN, TDNN.

3. Support the operation of multiple AI model combinations.

4. Support reconfigurable design, high efficiency of model execution.

5. Supports multiple KL520 aggregation, and the computing power can be superimposed.