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Kneron's 3D AI solutions meet security and modern management needs

3D face recognition and silicon-to-system technology

PCIE high speed weak signal data acquisition card

PCIE high-speed acquisition card is a high-speed weak signal data acquisition card.

Consumer Electronics
Multifunctional high-precision robotic arm

CPU RK3288 Quad-core Cortex-A17 1.8GHZ DDR 2GB EMMC Standard 16GB, 8/32GB optional.

Industrial Electronics
10 VSSOP Electronic Components TLV9002SIDGSR

General-purpose models are available with a large number of spot non-universal models that can accept orders.

Maximum operating temperature:125C
ADA4665 2ARMZ R7 Operational Amplifier and Comparator Package MSOP Lot 2221

The ADA4665-2 is a rail-to-rail input/output dual amplifier optimized for lower power budget designs.

Precision amplifier