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Bluetooth Sound Blaster Solution

The high-tech Bluetooth sound Blaster solution uses the latest Bluetooth 4.1 standard CSR 8670 chip to solve the sound control problem of ultra-thin TV sets.

010 UHF band wireless microphone

Real built-in USB sound card, perfect for smart TV and set-top box.

Consumer Electronics
Multichannel digital TV modulator

The multi-channel modulator is mainly used in hotels and other places where TV broadcasting is needed.

Communication broadcasting and television
Design and Implementation of Digital TV Signal Generator Based on FPGA

The digitalization of TV signal makes digital TV equipment more and more popular with electronic consumers.

Smart home
RK3566 cost effective video motherboard

Cost-effective video motherboard YNH-512 is a smart Android motherboard.

Video board
Smart tanker display and control terminal solution

Build the gas station into a new comprehensive service smart gas station integrating new services.

Smart tanker
Screen light synchronous LED intelligent controller solution

This product is used for LED ambient light control of TV or computer monitor with HDMI interface.

Smart Appliances