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Develop motherboard for vehicle MP5 player solution

Published Time: 2022-10-20 12:02:15
T113-S3 development board is a specially developed demonstration board.

Scheme introduction:

T113-S3 development board is a specially developed demonstration board. T113-S3 is used to show customers powerful multimedia functions and intelligent video processing capabilities. Customers can also do early software development on the T113-S3 development board, which provides multiple interfaces to provide reference for customer hardware design. Customers can complete hardware design by adding or deleting circuits of the T113-S3 development board.





The purchase of the development board provides the corresponding schematic, layout, pin assignment, SDK and other development documents, and will provide technical support around the platform.




Performance parameter:

* CPU T113-S3,Dual-core ARM CortexTM-A7 CPU.

* RAM Embedded with 128MB DDR3, clock frequency up to 800MHz.

* Memory SPI NAND Flash 128MB, eMMC (5.0 interface)8GB,Development board default8GB eMMC.

* Audio Stereo output ,AMP IC is CS8302M, support speaker * 2 pcsAnlog MIC *1 pcs.

* Network BT IC is WT2605-24SS,FM IC is QN8035.

* Video output CVBS output*1pc,PD interface, used for MIPI or LVDS or RGB interface,thedevelopment board uses MIPI interface by


* USB Type-C*1 pcs, Type-A *1 pcs, USB connector *1 pcs.

* CAN bus SIT1051T, support CAN bus.

* Video input N5, Support AHD camera *2 pcs input, CVBS input *2pcs ,.

* RTC RTC IC RTC8563SMSF, RTC battery ML621-TZ1 FDK




Industry classification: automotive electronics


Delivery form: PCBA, software


Performance parameter: CPU: Dual core ARM CORTEX A7 CPU


RAM : Embedded with 128MB DDR3


Application scenario: on-board MP5 player, on-board instrument, HMI, PLC