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NXP tea2016 based PFC LLC 100W notebook adapter solution

Published Time: 2022-09-19 18:31:15
In a world where almost everyone has a laptop, power adapters are essential.

NXP tea2016-based PFC + LLC 100W notebook adapter solution

In a world where almost everyone has a laptop, power adapters are essential.The market for power adapters is becoming more demanding, and consumers are happy to see small, lightweight and high-power adapters.Shiping group launched the laptop adapter solution based on NXP TEA2016 PFC + LLC 100W output power, which is a small volume and high power density solution, and a product-level solution that can help customers quickly mass produce.

The NXP TEA2016 used in this scheme is a resonant power controller IC, including PFC, which can be used together with TEA1995T dual LLC resonant SR controller to produce a resonant power with high cost performance.Most LLC resonant converter controllers adjust the output by adjusting the operating frequency to achieve power.But TEA2016 adjusts the output power by adjusting the voltage through a primary resonant capacitor for precise state control and linear power control.The primary resonant capacitor voltage provides accurate information about the output through the voltage divider to power the controller.Voltage divider sets the output power level: it determines when the system switches from high power mode to low power mode and from low power mode to burst mode.The advantage of this design is that it can achieve high power, low power adapter products.

Scene application diagram


Core technology advantages

1. Second-order Peak Power, suitable for applications with Peak Power requirements.

2. The integrated high-voltage startup can realize quick startup, and has low standby power consumption, and the no-load input power consumption of the system is less than 100 mW.

3. Multiple programming units can provide a wide range of parameter configuration and simple peripheral lines, which is conducive to reducing the design workload and failure rate, and provides flexibility and ease of use.

4. TEA2016 provides additional functions such as active x-cap discharge, external OTP detection and good power signal.

5. Protection can be configured to provide correct handling of overcurrent protection (OCP), overvoltage protection (OVP), overpower protection (OPP), power limitation, undervoltage, power off, capacitor mode regulation (CMR), undervoltage protection (UVP), overtemperature protection (OTP) and open-loop protection (OLP).

Resonant dc-dc converters produce sinusoidal currents with low switching losses.This provides the possibility to operate at higher frequencies with superior efficiency and high power levels.

Project specifications

1. Input voltage: AC 100-240v

2. Single output voltage: 20V/5A

3. Excellent no-load system input power (<75 mW)

4. System quick start (<0.5s)

5. Half-bridge switching frequency up to 500 kHz

6. Small volume and high power density