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8 channel digital input module scheme of programmable logic controller

This TI design is a complete 8 channel digital input module front end reference design for PLC.

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CPLD Scheme of DC Brushless Motor Driver

Developed with CPLD (epm240) chip, it is a hardware logic chip.

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High performance embedded computer

ISG-200 series is a universal standard intelligent gateway.

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IMX385 1080P chip scheme Starlight camera module

From the perspective of camera function classification, star level camera is a kind of low illumination camera.

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Integrated CC control logic

Internal package MCU, integrated CC logic and DP protocol.

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Photoelectric wrist sphygmomanometer

Detect pulse wave by collecting red light and infrared light signals.

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Development of Infrared Thermometer Scheme PCBA Design

The infrared thermometer is an electronic product for infrared temperature measurement.

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QR code IC card CPU card

Two-dimensional code IC card CPU card water meter water control electric control billing timing consumption access control GPRS communication card.

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