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Supplier Introduction

MikroElektronika produces a wide range of development tools and compilers for various microcontroller families. MikroElektronika manufactures competitive development tools for Microchip PIC MCUs as well as Atmel, Cypress Semiconductors, and NXP MCUs. MikroElektronika offers C, BASIC, and Pascal compilers for PIC, dsPIC, AVR and 8051 microcontrollers.

Mikroe is a fast-growing company that produces entire development toolchains for all major microcontroller architectures. Through their commitment to excellent, reliable and fully equipped hardware and software products, they aim at helping fellow engineers get the job done quickly.

Their story is quite an extraordinary one. Starting off as an idea of one man – their CEO Nebojsa Matic, they’ve grown organically while acquiring great talents to work with them, making smart moves within the industry, and finally occupying a unique place on the market.

They are focused on the software and hardware innovation with a visionary approach stemming from a single idea: to shorten project development time.

They believe that in the world that is rapidly changing, making a positive impact should be on everyone’s mind. Their product lines are designed to speed up the development processes, helping you with reaching the proof of concept, fast prototype, or MVP in an extraordinary short time. Because your work matters!

To make the world a better place, bringing revolutionary new ways of using and converting resources into a force of positive change, they help the engineers who value their control over the projects, at the same time uncompromising with the speed which needs to be achieved so as to move things more dynamically.

They design premium products for engineers, because they firmly believe that work should be hard but enjoyable. Introducing a higher quality to your working life and helping you get more free time is in the core of their designs.

mikroelektronika is product portfolio consists of Optoelectronics, kits, RF/IF and RFID, cable assemblies, programmers, development systems, connectors, etc..

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