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Supplier Introduction

iWatt was founded in 2000. is a company that specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of power control ICs. 

Innovative power management IC solutions from iWatt deliver the best power density and lowest BOM cost. iWatt provides leading-edge silicon, systems and IP solutions for multiple markets.

iWatt’s AC-DC controllers are the first in the industry to bring cost-effective digital control techniques to AC-DC power conversion.  Until now, features like accurate primary feedback and a full suite of protection features have been difficult to find in a small, cost-effective package. iWatt patented technology that has changed all that. We provide high efficiency and best-in-class line and load regulation while providing low total BOM cost and exceeding governmental efficiency regulations.  

iWatt’s adaptive digital control technology allows iWatt’s customers to: Reduce system complexity, Maximize efficiency, Reduce the number of external components, Reduce design costs.

In 2013, Dialog acquired iWatt and entered the AC-DC power market. Dialog enters the AC-to-DC (AC-DC) power chip market. Following the launch of the Bluetooth and touch IC market, Dialog has re-launched a new offensive, and through the acquisition of power chip maker iWatt, it has further expanded its career from mobile device power management chips ( PMIC) extends to AC-DC applications such as light-emitting diode (LED) lighting control and mobile power converters.

iWatt is product portfolio consists of Power Management; Green Power; Power Efficiency; Switched Mode Power Supplies;.

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