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eSilicon is a FinFET ASIC, dedicated IP platform and 2.5D packaging product provider.  eSilicon has 2.5D packaging, SerDes, customized chips and operation teams. The products include embedded memory IP (SRAM, TCAM and multi-port memory compiler) and interface IP (HBM and HBI).

California time, November 11, 2019-Inphi Corporation (NYSE: IPHI), the world's leading provider of high-speed data mobile interconnection, announced that it has signed a definitive agreement for US $ 216 million (cash and debt commitment) The price of eSilicon. Inphi specializes in data movement interconnects. They move big data fast, around the globe, between and inside of data centers. And the Synopsys Completes Acquisition of Certain IP Assets. 

On the acquisition side:
* Combining Inphi's DSP, TiA, driver and silicon optical technologies with eSilicon's 2.5D packaging and custom chip design capabilities will accelerate the roadmap of electro-optical, 5nm advanced CMOS process nodes and custom DSP solutions.
* Supplement Inphi's existing SerDes team and resources.
* Brought top OEM customers and expanded Inphi's addressable market in cloud data center networks and telecommunications 5G infrastructure.
* Expansion of Inphi's business to new strategic regions through engineering design centers in Italy, Romania, Vietnam and Spain and operations in Malaysia.

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