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Supplier Introduction

Their Mission

“Z-Communications, Inc. commits to comply with requirements and continuously improve the effectiveness of its Quality Management System, supplying its customers with top quality products with prompt delivery and exceptional service.”

About Z-Communications Inc.

Z-Communications Inc. has been leading the wireless world in Voltage-Controlled Oscillator (VCO) and Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) technology for over two decades. they are the largest manufacturer of VCO and PLL modules for the commercial/wireless market.

To ensure their dominance as the leading RF/Microwave component supplier, Z-Communications, Inc. invests in continuous research and development to develop state of the art RF/Microwave components. they hold patents in ultra low noise technology, which enable us to provide excellent performance.

Z-Comm’s advanced technology and theyll equipped R&D facility is matched by its leading edge manufacturing facility. Equipped with a state of the art automated assembly process and testing equipment they guarantee their customers the highest quality solutions that are delivered on time and at a reasonable price. they strive to meet customer expectations and exceed them. they value ytheir relationship and they will do everything possible to strengthen the relationship for many years to come.

Z-Communications is product portfolio consists of Voltage Controlled Oscillators/PLL Synthesizers/Evaluation Tools/Product Selection Guide .

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