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Supplier Introduction

Xmultiple designs & manufactures an extensive line many types of connectors including radio frequency (RF) coaxial connectors, HDMI, USB, D-Sub, Backplane, Circular, DF15 and board to board connectors used in wireless telecom applications including PCS, WiFi, radio, custom designs, computer networks, test instruments & antenna devices.

Xmultiple has released some new and exciting products for the interconnection market. The UltraJax double contact pin count connectors are an emerging new RJ connector in which every RJ connector is equivalent to two RJ connectors. The UltraJax RJ45 for PCB designs is a board space savings and reduces the cost per port for products using RJ45 type connections. UltraJAX is licensed to other connector manufacturers so you have second source suppliers for UltraJAX. Soon, UltraJAX should be licensed to connector companies worldwide.

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