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Supplier Introduction

XMA Corporation was established in 2003 through an acquisition of the Omni Spectra? product line from MA/Com Inc, Lowell, Massachusetts. The 30 plus year legacy of Omni Spectra is well known in the RF and Microwave industry and has been recognized as the “Gold Standard” when it comes to Quality, Performance and Value.

XMA Corporation - Omni Spectra? has continued the tradition of excellence and over the last few years has expanded their products to include power dividers, couplers and customizable / tunable RF equalizers.

In addition to their extensive product solutions, they have strengthen the already seasoned management team with exceptional senior leadership and are looking to further their talent acquisitions in the near future. Without the people of XMA Corporation - Omni Spectra?, they would not be the company they are today.

The company’s products and sales activities are primarily focused on Military, Aerospace Test and Measurement, Medical and Telecommunications equipment manufacturers with challenging applications ranging from base stations power distribution for telecom to medical communication devices to flight approved Radar array systems operating in harsh environments.

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