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WIMA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of film and snubber capacitors for the commercial and industrial markets. Since 1948, WIMA has pioneered the development of smaller, more reliable leaded and paper capacitors, such as film suppression, polyester film, polypropylene, SMD Film, and specialty dielectric capacitors.

An important construction criterion in the manufacture of reliable, self-healing capacitors for pulse applications is the current-carrying capacity of the contacts, i.e. the connection between the terminating wires and the electrodes.

The construction principle of the series WIMA MKP 10 consists of a non-metallized dielectric film and an carrier film metallized on both sides acting as electrode. Thanks to the metallization on both sides, the electrical conductivity is considerably improved and the contact surface between the electrodes and the schoopage layer is doubled. This results in better contact and allows for high current and pulse loading capability. The properties of metallized capacitors such as excellent self-healing and high volume capacitance remain unchanged.

The WIMA FKP 4 series presents self-healing film/foil Polypropylene capacitors made from a single metallized plastic film and metal foil electrodes in series connection. This construction features a high volume capacitance and at the same time high pulse loading capability.

The WIMA FKP 1 series was developed for extremly high pulse loads. It has an internal series connection, the metal foil electrodes being combined with a floating electrode metallized on both sides. The metal foil electrodes are safely contacted on both sides of the end surfaces. At the same time the capacitor is fully self-healing due to the floating electrode metallized on both sides. As regards pulse loading capability, WIMA FKP 1 represents the high-end of capacitor technology.

wima is product portfolio consists of Plastic film capacitors, paper dielectric capacitors, DC-LINK capacitors.

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