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Supplier Introduction

Vishay / Vitramon, an early developer of ceramic capacitor technology, manufactures monolithic ceramic capacitors. Vishay / Vitramon′s unique technology is well-suited to highly demanding processing environments, where ruggedness, high reliability and exceptional quality are required.

Vishay Vitramon, part of Vishay since 1994, produces surface-mount multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) in 12 industry-standard footprint sizes and using eight different dielectric materials. Voltage ratings range from 6.3 V to 3000 V, with maximum operating temperature ratings up to 175° C.

Beyond commodity applications, Vishay Vitramon capacitors provide the high quality level and proven reliability required by demanding industrial, automotive, medical, and military applications. Added-value devices include capacitors specially designed to prevent surface arc-over in high-voltage applications, capacitors designed for board-flex sensitive applications, and special non-magnetic capacitors. Vishay Vitramon also offers a line of surface-mount chip antennas.

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