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Supplier Introduction

The introduction about VCC

In 1976
John Savage founded VCC in El Segundo, California.

In 1977
VCC launched the first LED panel lens

VCC moved to San Diego, California

In 1995
a proprietary injection molding subsidiary was established in San Diego, California.

Maquiladora Conference, established in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

In 2006
VCC moved to a large factory in San Marcos, California

In 2011
VCC acquired by Cloudbreak Capital and Wedbush Capital Partners

In 2012
VCC moved to a large facility in Poway, California. VCC acquired the Leecraft, Littelites product line and the Chicago Miniature Lamp product line.
VCC implemented SAP Business by Design ERP
VCC ranked #1,367 in the list of the fastest growing private companies in Inc. 500/5000

In 2013
3 new products launch CNX722, LPCM and LED replacements
The Mexican business moved to a new 25,000 square feet. Tijuana facilities
VCC ranks eighth in private companies in San Diego
VCC ranks 916th fastest growing private company in the Inc. 500/5000 List

In 2014
VCC ranks again among the fastest growing private companies in San Diego's fastest growing company and the company's 500/5000 Lis

In 2015 Launch new products

  • LFB and LFC light pipes
  • L60 PMI
  • CNX718
  • Ultra-thin display
  • In 2016 Launch new products
  • 1092 LED PMI
  • L63 LED PMI
  • L65 LED PMI
  • Cap touch display
  • 6300T series

In 2017 Launch new products

  • LTH 3mm and 5mm series
  • PML50 series
  • PCL22 series
  • CNX714120VAC
  • CNX722120VAC
  • LPCR series
  • VCC acquires DDP and Emerge Lighting

In 2018
VCC moved to a large factory in Carlsbad, California
Launch new products

  • DSM7T series
  • CSM series
  • 90 series
  • P80 series
  • 1092 blue
  • 0603 series
  • VentoFlex

vcc is product portfolio consists of Optoelectronic component.

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