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Supplier Introduction

Vincotech develops and manufactures subsystems and electronic components that help designers master complex challenges in electronics integration. Vincotech offers a wide array of power modules and a line of positioning products that includes GPS modules, smart GPS antennas, and advanced GPS telematics. Vincotech products serve as key components in systems, spanning a wide range of industrial applications from automation and drive controls to navigation and telematic solutions.

About Vincotech
Vincotech is a market leader in power semiconductor modules. An affiliate of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, the company excels at developing and manufacturing high-quality electronic power components for Motion Control, Renewable Energy, and Power Supply markets. Vincotech understands customers’ needs and furnishes both off-the-rack and applications-specific solutions to ensure they are met. 
Tapping the considerable engineering and electronics integration skills and experience of some 800 employees worldwide, the company collaborates with the customer to develop the best solution for the given application. And Vincotech's workforce embraces the principle of reliable partnership to deliver on its performance promise of speed and flexibility to customers’ best benefit.

Vincotech’s products

Power Modules
Vincotech offers a wide range of power module topologies, standard solder-pin connections, Press-fit technology, spring connections, innovative thermal interface material (TIM), and a broad power spectrum ranging from 4 A to 1800 A and from 600 V to 2400 V.
Single Phase Inverter
Booster Symmetric
Buck-Booster Symmetric
PFC (Single-phase applications)
PFC (Three-phase applications)
Brake Resistors
Inrush Resistors

Solid State Relays (SSR)

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Type: High Stability Resistor 
Manufacturer: Vishay 
Product Type: Thick Film Resistors
Product Category: Thick Film Resistors - SMD 
Resistance: 2.2 MOhms 
Power Rating: 250 mW (1/4 W) 
Tolerance: 5 % 
Temperature Coefficient: 200 PPM / C 
Minimum Operating Temperature: - 55 C 
Maximum Operating Temperature: + 155 C 
Voltage Rating: 200 V  
Height: 0.5 mm  Length: 3.05 mm  
Package/Case: 1206 (3216 metric)  
Product: Thick Film Resistors SMD  
Technology: Thick Film  
Termination Style: SMD/SMT   
Width: 1.7 mm  
Brand: Vishay / Sfernice  
Mounting Style: PCB Mount  
Subcategory: Resistors  
Unit Weight: 16.200 mg

vincotech is product portfolio consists of Intelligent power module, power synthesis module, SixPack and rectifier bridge module, power factor correction, H-bridge, half-bridge, boost boost module, and three-level module.

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