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Varian, Inc. was one of the largest manufacturers of scientific instruments for the scientific industry. They had offerings over a broad range of chemical analysis equipment, with a particular focus on Information Rich Detection[clarification needed] and Vacuum technology. Varian was spun off from Varian Associates in 1999 and was purchased by Agilent Technologies in May 2010 for $1.5 billion, or $52 per share.Varian Inc. had its corporate headquarters in Palo Alto, California, and offices in Australia, the Benelux countries, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Russia, Sweden, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Company Perspectives: 

Varian, Inc. intends to capitalize on the burgeoning life sciences market with enabling tools that meet key customers needs for: accurate, reproducible results; simple, reliable analyses; improved sample throughput (productivity); and conformance to Good Laboratory Practices requirements as required by regulatory agencies. These are drivers that Varian, Inc. has repeatedly satisfied in its more traditional chemical analysis markets. In fact, the company has built over 40 years of institutional core competency in developing products that achieve these goals. 
Key Dates: 
1937: Brothers Russell and Sigurd Varian work to develop the klystron. 
1948: The Varians along with several Klystron Project peers establish Varian Associates with $22,000 in start-up capital. 
1953: Varian opens its Palo Alto Microwave Tube Division in Stanford Industrial Park. 
1959: The firm creates an electronic vacuum pumps business division. 
1982: Thomas Sege is named president and begins restructuring the company. 
1989: While sales reach $1.3 billion, Varian is plagued with integration problems and spotty profits. 
1990: Tracy O'Rourke takes the helm and launches a three-phase restructuring program. 
1994: Varian posts record sales and earnings. 
1999: The company is reorganized into three distinct businesses: Varian Medical Systems Inc., Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates Inc., and Varian, Inc. 

2001: Varian, Inc. grows through acquisition and remains committed to developing its life sciences business. 

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) announced that its acquisition of scientific-equipment maker Varian, Inc. is now final, positioning Agilent as a leading provider of analytical instrumentation to the applied and life sciences markets. Agilent paid approximately $1.5 billion in cash for Varian in a deal that brings together two Silicon Valley pioneers.

Bill Sullivan, Agilent president and CEO, said, "The Varian acquisition -- the largest in our company's history -- furthers our evolution toward becoming a global leader in bio-analytical measurement. We're gaining tremendous talent and technology. And for our customers, this will mean a broader span of expertise, applications and products from one trusted company."

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