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Supplier Introduction

VIA Labs, Inc. (VLI) is a leading supplier of USB and USB Power Delivery controllers for multi-functional devices and platforms. VLI has demonstrated technology and industry leadership through participation in standards development and compliance testing, and bringing new USB technologies and concepts to market. USB Type-C? and USB Power Delivery are must-have features for computing, mobile, and portable devices.For 2020-2021, VLI’s product portfolio features updated USB SuperSpeed 5Gbps and 10Gbps Hub Controllers, new USB Type-C? and USB Power Delivery controllers for specialized use cases such as pass-through charging and AR/VR, and a new multi-channel audio controller. These products have been designed to work together to create a unified platform for seamless support for Data, Power, and Video connectivity.

USB Type-C? has revolutionized USB, carrying on the USB tradition of plug-and-play connectivity but now with smaller and sleeker form factor that provides a standards-based single-connector solution that can simultaneously support fast charging, data transmission, and audio and video. USB Type-C? has grown from being a PC-Centric solution to being adopted by many mobile, portable, and consumer electronic devices.Designing and building successful products that feature USB Type-C? requires a holistic approach, where the final function and function of a product needs to be considered along with the intended accessories and peripherals. With a plethora of implementation and configuration options, finding the right USB Type-C? solution has never been more difficult or more important. Looking beyond a component-level perspective, VLI USB Type-C? solutions are carefully developed with the end-product and end-user scenarios in mind. VLI USB, USB Power Delivery, and USB Type-C? solutions can be found in several market-defining products by major PC, Gaming, Smartphone, and Peripheral customers.

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