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Supplier Introduction

VC America started in 2002 supplying Seiko NPC semiconductor products and added LCC packaging, design and supply of HFF crystal technology, all to support hybrid clock manufacturers. They started manufacturing of subassemblies in 2004. In 2008, they added test for characterization and qualification of oscillators for extended temperature ranges as wide as -60°C to 150?°C.

They expanded into optical Encoder [read heads and interpolation] and sensor products [Optical, Infrared, UV, Magnetic]. VC America developed precision rotary and linear scales and make custom scales to customer requirements.

VC America's high stability clocks offer improved temperature stabilities versus standard CMOS clock oscillators and operated over -55°C to 125°C range with better stabilities ±10ppm to ±25ppm Some clock and RTC products are capable of operation to 200°C.

What they do?


-Seiko NPC optical reflective encoder modules and interpolation IC

-Precision scales for both Rotary and Linear for nanometer to micron applications


-Full range Lower IR to upper UV optical sensors

-Temperature sensor/switches


Supply to Hybrid Frequency Control manufacturers

-Supply IC's, ceramic bases, substrates, lids, crystal blanks

-Design and modelling quartz crystals.

-Supply Seiko NPC Integrated circuits and module products to the Americas

Manufacture high stability clock products for wide temperature high reliability applications

Testing, characterization, and qualification of products for high reliability avionics and space applications

VC America offers technical leading edge higher performance solutions in ever-smaller packages to benefit customers new designs.

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