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They set the benchmark in the PC/Ethernet data acquisition (DAQ) and control, data logger/recorder and programmable automation controller (PAC) and modbus TCP markets. Founded in 1990, their first products were ISA bus DAQ boards. PCI and PXI boards were added in the mid 90s and continue as an important part of their product offering today. In 2004, UEI introduced the revolutionary PowerDNA? Cube and more recently they released their RACKtangle? (designated by "DNR") and FLATRACK? (designated by "DNF") chassis, as well as GigE versions of the Cube. PowerDNA (Distributed Network Architecture) is UEI's series of chassis that act as I/O slaves to a host PC. They perform the tasks the host commands. The PowerDNA configuration works well in both data acquisition and control applications.

UEI’s compact and rugged chassis are ideally suited for a wide variety of industrial, military, aerospace, energy, laboratory DAQ and control applications. Each Cube and Rack chassis includes a CPU, real-time OS, Ethernet interface and slots allowing the installation of I/O boards. All their boards are compatible with all of their chassis options. With more than 60 I/O boards available, they’re sure to have just what you need. 

UEI supports all popular Windows, Linux, VxWorks and Realtime operating systems. Their software suite provides a simple, universal API and supports all common programming languages. Their Cube and Rack chassis fully support an extensive array of application packages including LabVIEW?, MATLAB?, Simulink? and more.

UEI holds a number of patents, including a patent on a UDP protocol that allows real-time monitoring and control of their PowerDNA cubes over Ethernet.

UEI has the world’s widest selection of simultaneously sampling A/D boards and the world's most dense analog output boards -- up to 96 channels per slot!

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