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Supplier Introduction

Founded in 1978, Trimble Navigation has been a leader in GPS technology development and practical applications for decades. Over the past three years, more than 150 million capital investment has enabled Trimble to maintain its leading position in mapping technology and to integrate positioning technology with our daily lives. With more than 512 registered GPS patents, Trimble is proud of the technology cornerstone and has established a strong market position with advanced and durable features.

Today, Trimble's technology plays an irreplaceable role in navigation, precise timing, wireless network synchronization, high-precision geotechnical integrated solutions, and precision agriculture.
For many years Trimble has been working on the development of GPS equipment for high-precision continuous operation of the base station. The application of new technology makes Trimble equipment widely used in high-precision applications such as seismic-plate motion monitoring, settlement deformation monitoring, meteorological observation, etc. worldwide. The emergence of VRS virtual reference station technology enables the fixed GPS observing network to provide a variety of services, so that all users in the GPS network, such as traffic, mapping, environmental protection, municipal, exploration, pipeline, etc., need to be serviced, greatly improving the network. Utilization and city management levels.

TRIMBLE is product portfolio consists of GPS equipment.

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