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Supplier Introduction

TRIDENT microsystems is a fabless semiconductor company that was founded in 1987 and is still a silicon chip manufacturer with a long history in Silicon Valley. In the era of 2D graphics chips, it is also a man of the situation-in the early 1990s, Trident 8900 and 9000 series graphics cards can be seen on almost every IBM compatible machine.

However, after entering the 3D era, due to the adjustment of the company's operating mechanism, Trident gradually withdrew from the desktop graphics card market. Since then, he has focused his attention on the cheap market, mobile graphics chips and integrated chipsets. In the desktop graphics chip market, only As a supporting role, it is not well known.

The company that was a well-known supplier of graphics chips and motherboards for desktop and laptop computers used in the 1990s. In 2003, the company transformed into a supplier of digital TV display processors (mainly LCD TVs) and achieved success in 2005. At this time, the global LCD TV market began to show strong growth.

The company filed for bankruptcy protection in January 2012 and shortly thereafter announced the removal of its common stock from the NASDAQ stock market.

TRIDENT is product portfolio consists of graphics chips.

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