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Supplier Introduction

Topstek Inc. was established in March 1995. The headquarters is located in Tokyo, Japan. They are engaging in manufacturing and sales ICs and active discrete components. There are 195 employees and three affiliated companies in Chuo-Ku and Vietnam. They have offices in Kansai, Sapporo, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, United Kingdom, USA. Topstek has main customers, such as Panasonic Corporation, SANYO Electric CO., LTD, OMRON Corporation, BENQ Corporation, Canon Inc, CASIO computer CO., LTD and so forth.

Torex is a leading provider of targeted CMOS power management ICs for battery-powered and energy-efficient applications. Torex specializes in CMOS analog technology, with LDO regulators, voltage detectors and DC/DC converters that make core product lines. With laser trimming, we are able to provide equipment with 1% and 2% accuracy. Many of their equipment are available in increments of 0.05V.

Their main products line includes voltage detectors, voltage regulator, load switch, DC/DC converters, charge pump ICs, battery charge IC, temperature sensors, HALL IC, power MOSFETs, op Amps, low noise amplifier, CMOS logic, oscillator IC, PLL clock generator ICs, Schottky barriers diodes, transient voltage suppressor. They can offer various solutions ahead of a market trend by utilizing its excellent technological intellect and marketing expertise, has become specialized in developing and producing power supply ICs to meet future needs. They have obtained ISO9001 certification in 2008.

DC/DC Converters

Convert a voltage efficiently. Offering step-up, step-down and step-up/down voltage converter ICs for various switching types.
Inductor Built-in
Multi Channel

Voltage Regulators

Supplying stable voltage to devices through a lineup ranging from low-consumption devices to high-speed. Offering single/dual output channel and voltage detect type.
Single Type
Dual Type
Voltage Detect Type

Voltage Detectors

Reset ICs for high-accuracy monitoring of power supply lines and CLKs. Offering products with adjustable delay time or watchdog function.
Single Type
Built-in delay time
Adjustable delay time
2 Channel

Torex is product portfolio consists of Optoelectronic devices, temperature sensors, oscillator ICs, clock generators, diodes, power management ICs, power devices, Hall magnetic sensors, etc..

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