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Headquartered in Clyde, NY, and with locations in Kentucky, Illinois, and France, Thomas Electronics has been a leading manufacturer of products for the electronic display and imaging market since 1948.

Thomas Electronics has acquired the CRT magnetic coil assets of Syntronic Instruments and Thomson Genlis S.A. They now offer a full range of electromagnetic design & manufacturing services, from initial design & prototyping to manufacturing & comprehensive testing. They can customize their process & their products at every step to ensure full compatibility with your unique specifications.

They are committed to maintaining a high level of quality & look forward to providing all products & services traditionally offered by Syntronic Instruments and Thomson Genlis S.A., including convergence correction magnets & coils, electromagnetic & permanent magnet astigmators, focus coils, & more.

Thomas is product portfolio consists of Sensors, Optoelectronics, RF/IF and RFID, Power, Circuit Protection, Relays.

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