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Supplier Introduction

After 25 years working for major Marine and Industrial paint companies in both production and technical capacities, TFT founder Jeff Longmore was burnt out with the traditional paint industry.  Thinfilm Technology, Inc. was started in 1989 with the sole intention of formulating and marketing high performance epoxy coatings for underwater application by divers. The BIO-DUR line of products were the first formulated to meet this goal and were put into small-scale production in the early 1990’s completing significant jobs for the Mexican Electricity Commission in Baja California.  

After a few years it became apparent that there was an equally large demand for above water coatings which required the extreme surface tolerance that underwater water coatings provided.  The BIO-DUR products were therefore reformulated and modified to meet customers specific job demands.  The BIO-FLOR line of seamless floor coatings was developed from these modifications with applications including encapsulation of vinyl asbestos tile where typical surface preparation is not possible. Other families such as BIO-GARD anticorrosive coatings followed soon after.

Using the same principles required to produce underwater coatings, nearly all TFT products are solvent free, NonHazmat, and completely free of harmful pigmentation such as chromates and lead. Care has been taken to formulate their coatings with their ease of use foremost in mind. Coatings which work well under lab conditions may perform significantly different when applied in the field.  Mixing ratios are almost all 1/1 or 2/1 by volume while slight off-ratio mixing is generally well tolerated. The coatings properties such as viscosity are adjusted according to job applications in order to provide excellent application characteristics every time.

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