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Supplier Introduction

1, Telit offers the world's most comprehensive range of high-performance IoT modules, connectivity services and IoT platforms that integrate complex devices, networks and applications into one solution, and can be deployed at any scale to support a wide range of application resiliency Running, its comprehensive design, deployment, and management feature set supports a full lifecycle solution. In addition, Telit has a strong global network of device vendors, system integrators, applications and a rich self-developer community.

2, Product System

(1) Communication module
Telit offers a wide range of professional IoT communication modules designed to the most stringent standards. Single-mode and multi-mode modules use a common form factor, making them easy to quickly apply to a wide range of industries and technologies.
Telit's modules currently cover more than 100 million devices and 7,000 customers worldwide.
Cellular Modules: Certified cellular modules are available for any industry or application, including: low power LTE, 3G and 2G.
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth module: Ultra-low power Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module, including: independent, hybrid and plug-in.
LoRa, Wirepas, Sigfox Module: Unlicensed, low-power WAN for narrowband IoT applications.
Positioning and timing modules: Micro-GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) modules widely used in the industry.
Sub-1GHz, Wireless M-Bus Module: For ultra low power, low bandwidth applications.
(2) Connection service
From smart meters with just a few short messages per month to real-time transmission of high-definition video streams, Telit's IoT SIM card and global tariff package meet a variety of application and bandwidth needs.
Internet-wide tariff packages around the world: simple contract terms, uniform prices, no invisible fees or additional roaming charges, 24*7 after-sales support.
IoT Connection Management: Easy-to-use web management tools directly monitor each SIM card.
Internet of Things SIM card: You can purchase up to 10 SIM cards online.
Smart SIM card simWISE: Software embedded SIM card technology significantly reduces time to market, complexity and overall cost.
(3) Platform
The Telit IoT platform comprehensively covers functions such as device data collection, management and analysis, reducing the complexity of IoT application development. The use of the Telit IoT platform includes cloud service subscription mode and local installation mode.
Telit IoT Platform: Contains all the components needed to develop, deploy, and manage an IoT solution.
Telit IoT Management Portal: A service-based subscription model that provides device management, connectivity management, and application enablement environments.
Telit Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 Solutions deviceWISE: Smarter Factory and Industrial 4.0 / Industrial IoT turnkey solution.
Telit Industrial IoT Platform Security Solution secureWISE: A service-based subscription model that provides remote secure access to OEMs and semiconductor devices.

3, the typical function (a) condition monitoring
Monitor the health and performance of equipment connections, machinery and industrial equipment.
(2) Predictive maintenance
Prevent unplanned downtime, save costs and provide new levels of service.
(3) Telematics and fleet management
Collect real-time information such as vehicle location, fuel usage, speed, mileage, and analysis of driver behavior.
(4) Asset tracking
Track valuable assets and create new service opportunities.
(5) Supply Chain Management
Optimize production and avoid costly accidents with real-time visibility throughout the value chain.
(6) Smart Factory/Industry 4.0
Improve decision making through real-time visibility into production operations.

4, industry applications
Telit's enterprise-class applications span across industries and markets around the world, helping customers improve operational efficiency and improve compliance, and benefit from innovative ideas.
(1) Cars and transportation
Improve the efficiency and accuracy of fleet management, asset tracking and driving experience.
(2) Smart Factory/Industry 4.0
Improve operational efficiency and provide new levels of service through real-time visibility into manufacturing.
(3) Intelligent Building
Connect and automate building and energy systems and change the way infrastructure is managed.
(4) Smart City / Intelligent Transportation
Create safer, more efficient, cleaner cities by increasing resource utilization and reducing traffic congestion.
(5) Smart energy and utilities
Connect energy assets and make smarter energy allocation decisions.
(6) Safety and monitoring
Create safer cities, homes and businesses, remote real-time monitoring of facilities and public spaces.
(7) Health care
Improve health and reduce costs by viewing diagnostic data and health indicator alerts in real time.
(8) Retail
Improve the customer service experience while gaining valuable insights into trends, thresholds and supply chains.
(9) Agriculture
Optimize agricultural production decisions and increase production with sensors, intelligent gateways and monitoring systems.

5. Telit Internet of Things Platform
With the Telit IoT platform, the development team focuses on application development rather than infrastructure development. The platform connects devices and business systems, saving development time and quickly bringing solutions to market.

Telit is product portfolio consists of Cellular module, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth module, LoRa, Wirepas, Sigfox module, positioning, timing module, Sub-1GHz, wireless M-Bus module.

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