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Supplier Introduction

Techwell was acquired by Intersil Corporation (Nasdaq: ISIL) in March 2010. The acquisition enables Intersil to establish itself as the premier IC supplier in the video surveillance security market and establish Intersil's leadership in the automotive entertainment system market.

Intersil's Techwel products are designed and marketed for mixed-signal video solutions for the security surveillance and automotive infotainment markets. It can convert analog video signals into digital form and realize advanced digital video processing, so as to display, store and transmit video information. The main application areas where Techwell products are used include industrial video recorders (DVRs), network video recorders, multiplexers, and automotive front consoles, rearview mirrors, and rear seat LCD displays.

Techwell series video IC products: TW9920; TW9919; TW9910; TW9909; TW9906; TW8836; TW8807; TW8806; TW8804; TW6868; TW2865; TW2834; TW6864; TW28864; TW2824; TW6805; TW2837; TW2816; TW6802; TW2836; TW2815; TW2880; TW2835; TW2804; TW8827; TW8826; TW8823; TW8817; TW8816; TW8811; TW8810; TW2700

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