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Supplier Introduction
Complete Control of the Production Process
With more than 20 years of lighting experience, they are a lighting manufacturer who understands what goes into producing quality lighting systems. TCP’s comprehensive product line includes CFL and LED ENERGY STAR rated lamps, along with DesignLights Consortium rated fixtures. They have leading LED driver designs and patents. That’s why it’s no surprise that they earn top product and supplier awards. Their strategic partnerships with industry leading vendors have allowed them to achieve just that.

Lamp quality is determined by how the lighting manufacturer controls the components and the way the company brings them together to form the finished product. In order to get good LED performance, you need quality chips, drivers, optics and thermals in your lighting system. That’s why TCP assembles lamps and fixtures in their U.S. based facility.

They control every aspect of the production process –

Leadership Team
Their leadership team brings a wealth of experience to help shape the high quality, professionalism and new innovation that goes into their products, services and work climate. Their goal is to inspire character, growth and opportunity in all of their employees, and satisfaction in all of their customers.

TCP is an active member of many professional lighting associations — all committed to the improvement of the lighting products and industry and educating the public, business and professional community on the benefits of energy efficient lighting.

TCP is product portfolio consists of Starlight LED Lamp/LED Magnetic T8 Retrofit Kit/UFO LED High Bay Luminaires .

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