The world's largest supply platform for sources of shortages and hard-to-find parts
Supplier Introduction

Crystal Electronics specializes in locating and supplying hard-to-find, allocated, long lead-time and obsolete Temic Semiconductors components for a broad cross section of enterprises including the industrial, commercial, consumer, military and government electronics sectors. 

They maintain a large on-site inventory and an extensive network of reliable pre-qualified domestic and international suppliers, providing them access to over 100 million different line items. They offer a wide range of RoHS compliant products from leading manufacturers. Crystal Electronics can provide Test & Integration Services to include Mil-Spec testing at one of its certified government labs, as well as tape and reel services on any product(s) purchased from us for an additional fee. Their worldwide database of pre-qualified vendors not only allows them to quickly locate those hard-to-find Temic Semiconductors components, but also enables them to sell these parts at prices that are very competitive. Our team of experts has more than 40 years of experience in the electronics industry. 

You can be sure they will always serve each client with respect and exceed your expectations while maintaining the industry's highest product quality.

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