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Telechips is a Korean MP3 chip research and development company. Its MP3 main control chip product line includes TCC72X, TCC73X, TCC76X and the latest TCC77X series. It is famous for its powerful functions and excellent sound quality, such as variable speed playback, OGG / Q10 music format support, FLAC lossless format support, USB host (USB HOST), MPEG4 video playback, MP3 direct encoding, and other powerful functions. See on Telechips program for MP3 music player.

Telechips was founded in October 1999. It has been a leading product of a fabless semiconductor company in the Korean market, introducing cutting-edge technology.

In 2005, it was supported by PlaysForSure certification through a stored MP3 player. In 2006, Telechips released mobile TV receiver chips such as DMB. In 2007, it launched audio processors for automotive companies. In addition, it debuted in China Mobile TV Market (CMMB) in 2008 and next year in 2009, it launched a portable multimedia solution that supports Full HD (1080P).

Telechips' product applications range from wired and wireless handsets, portable MP3 players, car / home audio, cell phones and mobile TVs.

Music players using Telechips always surprise us. Of course, good goods are not cheap. Telechips' MP3 chips require complex peripheral circuits, so the cost is much higher than single-chip solutions (Sigmatel, Momentum), and because of the difficulty of developing technology, they are only used more by Korean MP3 brand manufacturers. , Naturally the price will not be very cheap. For example, Samsung ’s T7FX 1G version with TCC766 control costs as much as 1399 yuan, while iAudio (data article price review) U3 with TCC770 control costs as high as 1350 yuan. These prices are not affordable for ordinary people It is widely used by high-quality mp3 and mp4 companies such as Taipower.

TELECHIPS is product portfolio consists of MP3 main control chip production.

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