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Supplier Introduction

System-On-Chip (SOC) Technologies is a Canadian Hi-Tech company specializing in MPEG codecs and system-on-chip products based on its codec technologies. SOC provides encoders, decoders, and transcoders for H.265/HEVC, H.264/AVC, and MPEG-2 standards. SOC supplies both codec IP cores and all-in-one hardware modules. SOC's MPEG codecs are implemented on FPGAs using its proprietary technology of single-clock driven, all-hardware architecture (without embedded processors or software), which has significant advantages of small silicon footprint, low power consumption, high video quality, and very low latency. SOC supplies both high-quality video and audio codecs.

System-On-Chip Technologies Inc. was founded in 2000, Headquarters at 60 Baffin Place Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2V 2E2, It currently has 15 employees. Customers from 22 countries worldwide trust SOC high-performance all-hardware CODECS for critical and demanding video-based applications. SOC's all-hardware CODECS are recognized for having ultra-low latency, small footprint, and low power-consumption; all without sacrificing video quality.

SOC MPEG video/audio CODECs are available as IP Cores for FPGA-level integration and as standalone plug-and-play modules for PCB-level integration. SOC offers great flexibility, customizing product specifications and hardware interfaces to suit the needs of its clients. SOC also manufactures FPGA prototyping boards and provides additional IP Cores such as Ethernet, UDP/IP, video scaling, to enable faster video-based product development.

SOC is product portfolio consists of MPEG2 / H.264 / 4k H.264 Encoder and DecoderMPEG2-to-H.264 / H.264-toMPEG2 / TranscoderH.265 to come.

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