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Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. (SST), is the creator of SuperFlash, an innovative, highly reliable and versatile type of NOR Flash memory. 

SST, the leader in embedded flash memory, was founded in 1989, and went public in 1995. SST was acquired by Microchip Technology, Inc. in April 2010, and now it is a wholly own subsidiary of Microchip Technology, Inc. 

SST focuses on licensing embedded NVM technology to Foundries, IDMs and Fabless companies.

SuperFlash technology is a de-facto standard for embedded flash for microcontrollers, smartcard and series of SoC applications. SST and its partners have shipped more than 80 billon SuperFlash? enabled devices.

In June of 2013, SST completed the acquisition of Novocell Semiconductor, developers of an innovative Smartbit? antifuse one-time programmable (OTP) NVM.

Their unique, patented dynamic programming technology offers best-in-class reliability, ease of integration and functionality.

SuperFlash is SST's patented and proprietary NOR flash technology. SuperFlash technology and memory cell have a number of distinct advantages for designing and manufacturing NOR flash devices, or for embedding SuperFlash memory in logic process. SuperFlash technology is fully CMOS compatible and it does not impact any logic devices. This technology has been in high volume production since 1994. SuperFlash technology is the non-volatile memory of choice for embedded applications.

SuperFlash technology is based on a proprietary split-gate flash memory cell which provides a cost effective and high performance programmable SoC solution. The SuperFlash split-gate memory cell reliably maintains its fundamental structures and operation conditions within its simple array architecture delivering a robust solution since 1997.

SuperFlash is characterized by possessing the following capabilities:

Simplified Design

Low power and high performance standard silicon CMOS compatibility

Good scalability from 1μm technology node to 110nm technology node

High endurance to rewrite cycling

Excellent data retention with extremely low failure rate

Good performance at high temperature

Immunity to stress-induced leakage current (SILC)

The fundamental principle of SuperFlash technology involves the reading of the bit cell by applying reference voltages to the selected gate via the word line and also to the drain via the bit line while the source is grounded. Reference voltage applied on the word line turns ‘ON’ the select gate portion of the channel; the cell then conducts current if the floating gate is erased (in its low threshold state).

SST is product portfolio consists of SuperFlash, NOR Flash memory.

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