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Supplier Introduction

ServerWorks is a leading I/O semiconductor company working in storage-area standards such as Fibre Channel and Infiniband, and has been a key supplier to makers of Intel architecture-based servers. Nicholas said Broadcom's past legal problems with Intel will have no impact on the future of ServerWorks' products nor on any decision to port ServerWorks' System I/O chips to other processors. He told an analysts' call that the intellectual-property disputes with Intel had been “overblown,” and that Broadcom looked forward to being a stronger player in the market for clustered servers.

ServerWorks' chips are used in PC-based servers from companies such as Dell Computer Corp. and Compaq Computer Corp., and in server load-balancing front-ends manufactured by companies such as Cisco Systems Inc. and CacheFlow Inc. The company also offers chips for Linux and Unix markets, and for the Intel/Microsoft environment. ServerWorks chief executive Raju Vegesna said he will remain with Broadcom as vice president and general manager of the company's ServerWorks Business Unit.

SERVERWORKS is product portfolio consists of Wired & wireless broadband semiconductors, DSL modems, digital cable.

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