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Supplier Introduction

SONiX Technology Company was estabilshed in July,1996, and Sonix Technology launched its first integrated circuit product in early 1997.The headquarter is located in Zhubei, Taiwan.There are offices in Taibei, Shenzhen, Hongkong.SONiX are engaging in designing, developing and marketing the ICs. They are generally well known for their voice, music controllers.Now, SONiX can provide more innovation of products in many application fields, such as 8-bit microcontroller ICs, USB controller ICs, video/image controller ICs. Their product line includes 8-bit microcontrollers, USB controllers, video/image controllers, voice controllers, wireless multimedia, OID. The products are widely used in many fields, for example, the 8-bit microcontrollers are suitable for computer peripheral devices, communication products, intelligent battery charger, security system, car alarm system and other healthy equipment. In June,2004, SONiX have received the ISO9001 certification. 

Today, with its strong R&D capabilities, Sonix has continuously upgraded its core technology, expanded its product line, and provided more innovative and competitive products and solutions. It has become a leader in the field of consumer chips.

SONiX is one of the leading manufacturers about ICs. The successful factors are the core competitiveness,that included rapid development ability and grasp the market trend of product solutions. For all products, continuous innovation, ensure the user's convenience, is the mission of SONiX.

Sonix is product portfolio consists of MCU, NAND Flash, video and audio controller, wireless multimedia SoC, sensor module, optical decoder, USB controller, etc..

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