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Supplier Introduction

RADITEK provides advanced products and solutions for the Global Wireless and Microwave Telecommunications marketplace. They started in 1993 and they continue to continuously improve, expand and evolve their product ranges. Always targeting the Highest Performance, and always at the lowest price possible, AND never with compromise in quality and specification.

Quality: RADITEK’s quality is extremely important. RADITEK strives towards perfection. Their Quality system is to ISO 9000 standards, and their QA Manual and documents are fully available.

Facilities: RADITEK was founded in 1993 and has extensive domestic and international manufacturing facilities, and is dedicated to continually trying to meet, or exceed the global cost and performance challenges, as the various markets grow, and mature. 

RADITEK provides leading edge technological system solutions: They offer state of the art RF technology, components and systems for Telecommunications, Satcom and Point to Point / Last Mile Solution, including the most advanced baseband modem and signal processing design capability. For high volume applications, they can design and supply advanced, FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) base band systems.

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